Saturday, August 1, 2015

Super-Smoothie Recipe and Benefits

Hello and welcome to my first of hopefully many blog posts on well-being to come. Today I will share a recipe for a super-delicious, and, super-nutritious smoothie and explain the benefits of each ingredient. I will also mention a few things I intend to write about in future posts, that is, if you like what you read here! Well let’s get into it…

I have been fine-tuning my current smoothie recipe for two years now (wow!!!) and the result is nothing short of a thoroughly delicious smoothie, yet so powerfully nutritious, that I have to share the easy-to-make (but having all the punch) version of it with you. I welcome and encourage you to try it and share your experience.

The recipe goes like this:

Ingredients and benefits:
1/2 cup frozen strawberries - antioxidant, energy
1/3 cup frozen blueberries - antioxidant, energy
1 fresh or frozen banana - potassium, energy, recovery
1 spoonful organic hemp protein powder - energy, tissue repair, recovery
1 spoonful raw cacao powder (not cocoa) - powerful antioxidant, chocolate flavor
1 spoonful lecithin granules - brain and nervous system function, circulatory system health, creamy consistency
4 shakes of ground cinnamon - antioxidant, heart health, lowering blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, cinnamon flavor
1 spoonful of raw unfiltered honey - energy, longevity, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, adds sweetness
1/2 cup coconut milk, almond milk or water - healthier alternative to regular milk, hydration, good mixing
2 raw eggs, yolk and everything - protein, vitamins, minerals

If it’s within your reach try to get all organic ingredients (and humane or Amish eggs), but conventional is better than nothing. Organic means zero or minimum amount of pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no GMOs, yes high mineral content in the soil they are grown in, yes overall healthier fruit, yes raising the demand for organically grown foods to help raise availability.

Wellness Smoothie
To freeze a banana, peel it first. In the order listed, put each ingredient into a blender, blend it well - use ice crush or pulse for 15 - 30 seconds to get it started - and end with a high speed blend for 10 - 15 seconds. Add the eggs and blend at medium speed for 10 - 15 seconds, until the smoothie lightens a little into an even, lighter color. The reason for not adding the eggs earlier is that it would cause the smoothie to fluff up too much. Use a silicon spatula to sweep out as much as you can.

I have two of these smoothies every day - on work days usually both during the morning, up to three hours apart, and on weekends or when I’m off work, one during the morning and the other any time of day after a good parkour training session or intense workout - although I recommend only one of these in the morning unless you are super active and need loads of energy and recovery. Add more protein if you feel you need it.

Well, that is what I have for you today. Please feel free to drop me a line with your experience.

Here are a few topics I intend to write about in future posts:
·         Sleep and how to become more receptive to it
·         Age, parkour/exercise and nutrition
·         Apple cider vinegar
·         Food preparation
·         Mental health
·         Meditation
·         Hydration
·         Fasting
·         Juicing

Thanks for reading and great parkour training or exercising and, most of all, well-being to you.

Jessy Hernandez
Instructor | Parkour Ways |